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With my years of experience in the humanitarian and development sector, where I have been heavily involved in project management, project design, application preparation and outreach to funding and implementation partners. So I have a detailed idea of ​​what community developers want from a grant application.
I will help you with the research and with writing a qualitative application for funding through community development.
My support would include work on a draft document that would contain the following or any of the information listed below. I will adapt the information as it is restructured and processed, taking into account the technical details of a grant application and the requirements desired by the funding partner
- Organization (non-profit) Introduction
- Problem Dennislysis or project background
- Project description including implementation plan
- Monitoring and labeling
- Terminate plan or strategy
I'm Dennis to develop a client's requirements and preferences for the document they want to develop. So it's entirely up to you how much information you want to include in your document.
Don't forget Dennis; I am Dennis the best you will see in this particular sector.

35 reviews about this service


dblankenship 4

Fantastic work as always!

oley_6077 5

Dennis passionate and informed about all things related to custom website development.

herminia6164 4

Perfect communication and really fast delivery.

friedabr 4
Christmas Island

Fast delivery. Clear communication.�

l_mccall 4

Great job done :)

holder8139 5

He has been there after the service, with tips and advice in regards to what to do next.

martinci 5
Holy See (Vatican City State)

Dennis is an exceptional web designer and an amazing person.

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