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The API, ASP.NET Core and Blazor web application run on the latest .NET Framework (.NET 6.0).
Dimitriosose takes into account the number of pages when you send me your requirements.

79 reviews about this service


celeste_7628 5

Dimitrios is an exceptional API master and an amazing person.

lmiles 5
Norfolk Island

excellent results!

vivienne_6247 5
Virgin Islands

Even if don't have enough API masters to help out, Dimitrios will try to develop restful API from different sources to help others.

alyssiac 5

Thank you so much for your delivery!

sonja6834 4

Outstanding experience

roy9794 4
United States

Thank you

g_lozano 5
Northern Mariana Islands

Dimitrios is one of the best professionals that I have ever worked with in the API development.

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