data structures and algorithms in java,cpp and c

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what i will do for you?

I will give help you to solve any Algorithm or Data Structure related stuff and solve any complex problem related to Algorithms or Data Structure with or without programming solution.

I Provide Data structures and programming languages projects in these

- Java
- C
- CPP (c++)
- C#

Data Structures and algorithms I provide

- Arrays
- Trees
- Linked list
- Heap
- Stacks
- Queues
- Algorithms(Sorting, Searching, Djiktra etc.. and all algorithms)

Other than this I can help you in a vast variety of Algorithms and Data Structures which might not be mentioned above.

44 reviews about this service


ladariusc 4

Frieda was always very informative and we worked well together.

fanniel 5

Amazing experience

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