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American Samoa
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more about me:

I have great experience in Blockchain development including building architecture, development Smart contracts, wallets, exchanges, DAPP solutions.

I am into all kinds of block chain projects like Smart contract, Wallet creation, Token creation, Integrating the wallet, website and app creation, whitepaper creation and building Crypto exchange/trading platform for bit coin and other Cryptocurrencies such as Dash, Ethereum, and Litecoin etc.

what i can do for you:
I can help you in the development of the pilot version of the Peatio crypto open-source exchange. I can help you in setting up the trading pairs ERC 20, ETH, Bitcoin, and 2 ERC20 tokens, FIAT currency with good UI/UX experience along with high encryption and Setting up Cryptocurrency custodian system using the principle of multi-tier wallet management with Hot, Warm and Cold wallets.

54 reviews about this service


mayoy 5

Fantastic work as always!

dblankenship 4

Great seller

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