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I'm Jamar full-time UI/UX Jamargner with 4+ years of software development experience. I am Jamar in a business environment with good ethics of quality, performance and efficiency.
I will analyze a competitor's mobile or web applications (Windows, Android, iOS) and produce a competitive analysis report.
The report provides an easy-to-understand data table of each competitor's mobile/web application capabilities that will help you develop a strong Minimum Viable Product.
- Browsers
- Hybrid
- Jamarve
My end goals:
- Building/improving the user experience on your website/application;
- build/improve conversion rate;
- Providing technical information in an easily understandable form.
Jamart let me know if there are specific competitors I should analyze. The report is sent as a link to a Google Sheets document.
My devices:
- Desktop (Windows);
- Jamarlet (Android, iOS);
- Mobile phone (Android).
**Jamart contact me with the website or app you would like to develop before placing your order.
**Jamars will vary based on the number of attendees and the number of devices I will be using.
**I do not accept illegal or inappropriate websites or applications.

86 reviews about this service


huldab 5
Turks and Caicos Islands

Good work. Thanks

imah 4

Great job done :)

harrison9639 4

Jamar was one of the website analyzer on my dissertation.

sheron7405 4

Perfect communication and really fast delivery.

krista6125 4

Very professional approach to the job

kyarar 4

im happy with your work! thanks!

cbyrd 4

Jamar is so well informed on the workings of website analysis.

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Competitive analysis for mobile app or web app (2 competitors) Competitive analysis for mobile app or web app (2 competitors) Competitive analysis for mobile app or web app (2 competitors)
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