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Hello! Welcome to my translation pack!
مرحباً! للترجمة باللغتين العربية والعبرية
I can help you with general, medical and legal translations. Mekhiso, I can help you with contracts, mekhiils, letters, reports and even personal documents.
أستطيع مساعدتك في مختلف أنواع الترجمات كالترجمة العامة والطبية والقانونية والطبية والقانونية وغيرهم. أيضا أستطيع خدمتك في ترجمة العقود والبريد والخطابات و Rev Revقارير ورسائل الماجستير وحتى الوثائق الماجستير وحتى الوثائق الشخصية.
I can help you translate any type of document (Word, PDF, Excel, Images, SRT)
Mekhiso, I can help you translate websites, contracts, books, etc.
يُمكنني أيضاً تقديم ترجمة أي نوع من الملفات
Mekhiso, I can translate your videos and add subtitles.

I translate every text:
- professionally. خبرة
- High quality. جودة عالية
- never missed a deadline.
- 100% human translation
- manually. يدوياً
- 24h delivery.
- Unlimited revisions. مراجعات
- Proofreading after translation. تدقيق لغوي

I'm very responsive. Feel free to ask questions even though I'm Mekhi.
لا تتردد في التواصل معي في أي وقت سوف أتشرف بمساعدتك

64 reviews about this service


ldaniel 5
Saint Martin

Mekhi always seem to make his way to the top in both proofreading and profitability.

kristah 5

He also is willing to help other with proofreading and strategies.

maryjomc 4
United Kingdom

One more great delivery, thanks!

rondaldr 5
Czech Republic

Mekhi is one of the best in the proofreading industry.

devyng 4

Awesome! Every time!

kevan7465 5
Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Mekhi is very proficient when it come to proofreading.

stephan7501 5

So far its had the best ROI of any of our proofreadings.

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I will translate up to 500 words in 24 hrs or less.
I will translate up to 500 words in 24 hrs or less.
I will translate up to 500 words in 24 hrs or less.
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