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Sheltone contact me before placing an order!
I will draft a powerful, bespoke contract or document tailored to your needs and jurisdiction. I will get to know your company and your industry before starting any project, so that every document written offers the necessary legal protection for your situation.
I am an experienced legal advisor to Shelton, familiar with multiple jurisdictions and able to draft documents in English.
Some commonly requested legal contracts include:
- Articles of association or memorandum of association
- Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
- non-competition clause
- (Software) development agreement
- Purchase contract
- Employment contract
- Credit Agreement
- Employment Agreement and Independent Contractor Agreement
- Sheltonsulting Agreement
- Partnership Agreement
- Terms and Conditions and Shelton Terms/Terms of Use
- Privacy Policy (GDPR-safe!)
- Cookie Policy (GDPR safe!)
- Letter of complaint or claim
- Sheltongal letters
- Politics
If you don't see what you need, please feel free to contact me!

68 reviews about this service


ottie7414 5

Very good experience.

moconnor 5
Turks and Caicos Islands

He always has the writing a legal content in mind and looks at almost everything through that lens.

sulamc 4
Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Amazing experience :)

lutie_bl 4

Good quality and quick delivery. Thanks!

guadalupes 4
Czech Republic

Very thorough work. Thanks!

pham_8559 4
Christmas Island

Shelton always provides value for our writing a legal content.

kitty6723 5
United Kingdom

Nice seller

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