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American Samoa
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If you have a sketch, photo or description of a character/scene I will draw it with all the details you need. I can draw RPG characters, fantasy book scenes, book covers, science book illustrations and more. My illustrations are drawn with a graphics tablet, so everything in digital mode. Kaitlintlinl illustrations are supplied at 300 dpi resolution.
The most important thing here is to create an image that says what you want for your audience or for yourself, so seller-buyer communication is essential. If you have any questions, suggestions or additional orders, don't hesitate to contact me! It is very important that you like the art I have created.

27 reviews about this service


kashp 5
Virgin Islands

She also keeps us learn to how to design a vector, which is exactly what's needed.

debradi 4
British Indian Ocean Territory

She gets to understand the problem before illustrating.

herman9409 4
Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Kaitlin was my source of illustrating for just about everything.

price_8008 5
San Marino


johannahha 4

It was amazing experience to work with you

fridah 4

Excellent work.

victorine7777 5
Virgin Islands

I recommend her highly for any illustrating role, having seen her wear many illustrating hats.

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