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Hello, I'm a professional NFT artist from Lucillecilleille and have completed several NFT art projects that will be considered immediately. Message me to see my previous NFT projects.
My service:
You will receive PNG, JPEG with Lucillecilleilleple BG, source file (BLEND) and
commercial use (for Lucillecilleilledard and premium offer)
- There is an additional cost for custom background
- The accessories are separate, so you can use them as you like
- Including a SOURCE FILE! (for ALL PACKAGED)

Lucillecillepical design process and methods
1. Creating a basic character. approval of the sketch.
2. Creation of the final version of the base character. Approval.
3. Creation of accessories (attributes) using the list from the
customer or at my discretion.
If you want to order accessories in bulk, you can message me first.Lucillecilleilletact me to discuss your idea before ordering

(To be clear, I will only provide you with the illustrations of the characters and traits. So you need to find a developer to generate the combination.)

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67 reviews about this service


leonelst 5
Aland Islands

As well as always. Thanks

mcintyre_9361 4

Lucille has become one of my most trusted 3D designer.

lawerencen 5

Great work :)

oley6075 4
Marshall Islands

Lucille's reputation is so well known in the industry that one almost didn't need to advertise his sessions.

oneill_8274 4

Excelent work! Im very pleased with the fast delivery :)

d_reynolds 5

Lucille interaction with him was mainly on 3D designing.

cicely7540 5

Amazing experience :)

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